Taellywood Treasure Hunt

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Free Ebook Download from Amazon for Fiction Fantasy Fans

For all those fantasy fiction fans, pick up your free eBook copy from Amazon. Taellywood Treasure Hunt: A Soul Quest to Discover God’s Wisdom Box is offered for free on Amazon during this special promotion.

This fiction book is a story about five friends on a quest to uncover an ancient treasure chest. The story takes them through the Taellywood forest where they encounter strange events and mystical creatures.  Against all the warnings, this group of childhood friends search for the legendary treasure they heard about for years. 

Taellywood Treasure ChestInside this treasure chest holds something much greater than all the precious jewels of the world. The Taellywood Treasure possesses a deep, held secret.  Legend proclaims it holds a box which contains God’s wisdom.

Have you ever wondered why things happen? Or wished you knew the answers to life’s biggest questions? These group of friends desire the same thing. They yearn to know the truth. They desire God’s wisdom. Yet in their search for truth, will they compromise their values to uncover it? 

This fantasy fiction eBook is being offered for free on June 9 and June 10. So pick up your copy today.

Who knows what secrets lie in wait, or what the future holds for these five friends.

 The following is an excerpt from the Taellywood Treasure Hunt:

“‘I am Dreamsphar,” the old man said. “I am the keeper of people’s dreams. My intention is not to hold you in contempt.  I must warn you. I will challenge you.”

“But will you help us?” Dillon asked.

The old man pulled out a felt sack from inside his robe. Twisting the rope which held the sack closed, he tossed it over to Dillon.

“I have one final word for you,” he said. “Don’t be deceived. If that is what it takes to discourage you, I will give you a piece of advice. You cannot escape the consequences of finding the Taellywood treasure of wisdom.”

The Taellywood Treasure Hunt is a fantasy fiction book filled with unexpected events. It’s a discovery of wisdom. It’s a desire for answers, a pursuit of truth, and a journey of destiny. It’s a soul’s quest to uncover the wisdom of God, to understand why things happen, and what these friends soon discover is the most valuable gift of all. 


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