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About Taellywood and the search for God’s wisdom in this fiction book

“I wasn’t that excited about going to Taellywood. There was a shadow that I felt hovering over me. That night I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned in bed with thoughts of ghosts and owls watching me. Maybe in the morning Clarise would change her mind. Maybe we wouldn’t go into that forest after all.”

cropped-taellywood-sun-cover.jpgIn this excerpt above, Taellywood seems as much a mystery as it is dangerous. Yet as I read this excerpt I wrote over 2 years ago, the pull towards seeking this treasure is still haunting. As any writer does, he never forgets his characters. They stay with him even as years pass. This treasure hunt book speaks about life and tells the story of 5 youths embarking on a journey.

Why would anyone want to find an ancient treasure? The legends speak of adventures. The message of this book provides wisdom for seekers. It’s been done before yet this story has a twist. The ancient treasure contains a box. “I know all about it,” Dillon said. “There’s a hidden box inside this buried treasure. The box contains all the wisdom of God. They say that whoever opens this box will have the knowledge of God. It contains all of God’s wisdom and human wisdom. The one who discovers it will understand all truths. They will have answers to everything. Every question we ever had, every reason for God’s purposes, the one who opens it will gain all this wisdom. They will know and understand God’s will. Yeah, I know all about it. and I will be the one who opens the box.”

I love the idea of it. Finding the answers to the questions of life seems plausible. Yet for these 5 youths they find something more. Interested in this book? It’s currently available at bookstores. The ebook is available on Amazon.

Check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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