Taellywood Treasure Hunt

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    This is my tribute to Reverend Billy Graham, his life, and legacy. On the morning of his passing, I envisioned all of Heaven welcoming Billy home to its heart. I saw this in my mind; angels and loved ones, saved fellowmen and women who came to Christ because of Mr. Graham, all welcoming him home. Thank you Billy Graham for your work and ministry. At the cent […]
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Taellywood Treasure Hunt is Haunting and Spiritual

“I felt it touch my shoulders. I embraced the gentle breeze softly caressing my cheeks.  I wasn’t afraid. I knew it was out there somewhere, just waiting for us. What would happen when we found it? Because I knew, deep down inside I knew. We would find it, but then what? Would it be all over?

Purple FlowerThe Taellywood treasure beckoned us. All of us ached for God’s wisdom. We had so many questions.

‘Go to Taellywood,’ the angel said. ‘You will find a treasure buried there deep inside the forest. Look beyond the trees. Look beyond your fears. Under the big oak tree will be distinct markings. There you will find a blue bench resting under the crescent moon. Go to that tree and you’ll find the ancient treasure. The handprints will lead you to the place you were told about long ago.'”

An excerpt from the Taellywood Treasure Hunt.


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Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.

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