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Cody Jacks Introduced in Taellywood

“Most people knew Cody Jacks by his nickname, ‘Jax’ except his mother, who called him by his given name, Cody Coldwall Jacks.  We encountered Jax as we were heading home from Taellywood. He appeared from the shadows demanding us to turn over the treasure. 

“Turn it over, or you will die,” he commanded. Cody Jax spoke with a gruff. His leather voice was as distinguished as his jacket.

“It doesn’t belong to you,” Dillon said.

Horse Shadow by Charles Rondeau/publicdomainpictures.netI wasn’t going to ask questions of this man. His dark eyes gazed of contempt. Hatred filled his heart. This man was unrivaled to any of our humble personalities. He took us by surprise. In an unfueled attempt at bravery, Dillon quickly turned around and there they stood, face to face.

“You are just a bunch of children,” Jax said. “I have searched for that treasure for years. I followed you after you left the cabin. I had a feeling you were heading for the treasure. I must admit, you are quite a bunch. You have outsmarted many who have sought the treasure. But it belongs to me.”

Jax walked over to Clarise. He stood close to 6’ 4” and his towering stature made Clarise look so small.

“Don’t mess with her,” I said.

Jax scrutinized his thin black eyes in my direction. I felt a cold chill go down my spine. This man was evil.”

– An excerpt from Taellywood Treasure Hunt.



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